Package and Price Changes

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about some upcoming changes to Philo. The summary is that as of June 8th we are changing our price for new subscribers to $25. Everyone who is subscribed to Philo before June 8th will keep their current package and their price won’t change. As part of the new $25 package, we are also extending the time we keep recordings in our unlimited DVR from 30 days to a year, and existing subscribers can upgrade to this plan if they want access to the extended DVR.

So, why are we doing this? Maybe this seems like a strange question to ask since it is common for TV services to raise their prices year after year, sometimes by eye-popping amounts. Still, at Philo, we haven’t raised our prices since we launched more than three and a half years ago, even as we’ve continued to add content to the platform, so why do it now?

As many of you know, our contracts with our content partners include fees we pay that go up every year, and a significant part of the cost of Philo is driven by our platform and billing partners. We are relentless in our focus on keeping our price low, so we do everything we can to reduce our overhead while managing these increasing costs. Even with those efforts, we can’t offset these rising costs indefinitely, and this change reflects that reality. Still, we have chosen to make this transition in a way that allows our existing subscribers to keep the package and pricing they currently enjoy, while new subscribers gain the added value of the newly extended DVR. Again, nothing will change for anyone who is a subscriber to Philo before June 8th — if you continue your subscription, you will keep the price you have today. If you are an existing subscriber and you want to upgrade to enable the extended DVR, you will be able to do that on the account settings page after June 8th.

On behalf of the entire team at Philo, I want to thank you for choosing to watch with us, and I want to assure everyone who is considering Philo now or in the future that we will always fight to offer you the best value and experience out there.

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