Six Tricks to Getting the Most with Philo


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Save your faves with the unlimited DVR

You can save all the movies and shows you love and watch them on your schedule with our unlimited DVR. Just click the “+ Save” button on anything that is currently airing or scheduled to air, and the DVR will save it for 30 days (or for up to 1 year if you subscribe to Philo’s new $25. price package – available as of June 8th). When you’re ready to start watching, click the “Saved” tab to see a full rundown of all your recordings. Best of all, our DVR feature lets you fast forward and rewind through all of the commercials so you can spend more time enjoying the stuff you love.

Watch shows from the beginning or live

By default, Philo plays everything from the beginning—if you select a show that’s airing on the Guide, it will play from start to finish and you don’t need to miss a beat. But if you prefer the traditional TV experience of jumping into a channel’s live broadcast, that’s okay too! On the Settings page is an option to adjust your playback preference. What if you’re watching live, changed the channel to avoid ads, and now you’re back but the ads are still there? Philo picks up where you left off, but you can simply click and hold the fast forward button on your remote to Jump to Live and you’ll be taken to the “most live” position.

Catch recently aired shows with Look Back

Did you miss the big reveal last night that everyone’s talking about? It’s not too late to catch up! If you go to the Channel Profile by clicking the channel logo on the Guide page, you’ll see a schedule row that lists past, current, and future airings. Our Look Back feature allows you to watch almost everything from the last 3 days, no saving required. And while you’re on the Channel Profile, check out the top shows and movies for some ideas on what to throw on next. 😊

See everything new and popular in one spot

If you don’t want to waste time deciding what to watch, try the Top page. There, you’ll see the recently aired shows and movies that are getting the most attention from our subscribers. Like the Guide, the Top page lists your favorited channels at the top. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find free channels like Crackle with thousands of hours of on-demand shows and movies to enjoy.

Keep the party going with autoplay

With autoplay, there’s no need to keep grabbing the remote. If you’re in the mood for a show marathon, simply go to the Show Profile to see all the playable episodes, choose one to start playing, sit back, and relax—after it ends, the next available episode will play automatically. And when you reach the end of the list or you’re ready for something new, check out the Related and Recommended rows on the Show Profile for suggestions on other content you might love.

Seek with ease using the thumb stream

Want to rewatch that last scene, or maybe skip the one coming up? Don’t bother with the clunky fast forward or rewind buttons—Philo’s thumb stream makes it delightfully easy to choose where you’d like to resume your viewing. When the player is open, you can click the left or right directional arrow on your remote to see a row of images representing the video over time. Just move left/right to pick the scene you want and click the OK or Select button to play. Easy!


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