An Intern’s Perspective: 4 Ways Philo Puts People First When it Comes to Customer Service

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A year ago, I started my journey at Philo as a customer support intern responding to customer inquiries through chats, calls, and emails. I quickly learned how much Philo focuses on providing customers with an experience that goes above and beyond traditional providers.

During my time here, I’ve learned that Philo’s people-first strategy is the driving force for every department.. From support and engineering to marketing, everyone is focused on the people they serve and creating an enjoyable streaming experience for all TV lovers.

We all know that having access to reliable customer support for your favorite streaming apps is a must. Whether you’re curious about Philo’s channel lineup, which devices are supported, or need assistance with your account, you deserve quick and dependable help. Here are four ways Philons (Philo employees) put customers first:

1. Customer experience comes first. Really.

When I first started at Philo I didn’t expect company management to be as involved with customers. Philo proved me wrong. Customer experience is a top priority here—company-wide, the customer’s voice is always heard and respected. Even Andrew McCollum, Philo’s CEO, makes it a point to check Reddit forums and interact with customers regularly. I was also impressed with the support team’s ride-alongs. All Philo employees get the opportunity to shadow and listen in on live support interactions alongside the Head of Support (private customer information, including billing information, is always protected). This helps other departments internalize customer feedback for current and future product releases, channels, and supported devices. Philo truly takes a different approach by ensuring that we’re all intently listening to the customer.

2. We are committed to getting it right 100% of the time.

Philo’s commitment to getting the support experience right is the driving force behind their customer service. Since my training began, it’s been instilled in me that each customer should have a satisfactory experience with our support staff. If you feel that your experience has been unsatisfactory, the agents and QA team prioritize following up with you via email or phone to ensure that your concerns are heard and resolved. This has taught me the value of utilizing customer feedback and to improve user experience in the customer support field.

3. 24/7 support

During my internship, I was able to participate and watch the launch of the 24/7 support line. Following this transition, I noticed that the “always on” service allowed the customer support team to resolve outages more quickly. They also make it a point to keep customers in the loop with real-time updates on Twitter and their system status page. I saw first-hand that Philo’s team is always looking for ways to improve the user experience.

4. Our Help Center

The Help Center is a one-stop shop for all your Philo needs. You can find quick tips and insights on troubleshooting, billing, our channel lineup, product features, and more. Additionally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, our friendly support agents are always happy to help. A lot of effort goes into providing you, the customers, with the best possible support experience. So, feel free to reach out to the team any time—they’re always just one email, chat, or phone call away!

My time at Philo has been filled with words of encouragement and positivity. From day one, I’ve enjoyed working with a great team of people who took the time to teach me everything there is to know about Philo. I now realize what’s most important when it comes to my future job searches, and I hope that my future work environments will mirror Philo. I’ve come to appreciate that Philo is a space where everyone respects each other, learns from one another, and values hard work. The precedent that Philo has set has already and will continue to impact my future endeavors positively.

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