Philo Adds More Free Channels and Movie Package Add-Ons

A TV screen shows various channels offered by Philo, and promotes its new Movies & More Package.

At Philo, we believe the audience should always have a voice and we try to solicit feedback and input as much as possible. We keep a close eye on our social media channels, review customer support requests, and periodically send out surveys. While we can’t fulfill every request, we’ve made it our mission to provide everyone with the best television viewing experience possible at an affordable and accessible price.

One thing we repeatedly hear from our community is the desire to have more movies and low-cost add-on options for additional channels. In June 2020, Philo launched its first add-on movie packages, EPIX and STARZ, and our fellow film-lovers have been enjoying great movies ever since. Today, we are excited to announce an additional add-on, Philo’s “Movies & More” package, for just $3 per month, that we believe checks both of those boxes.

With the “Movies & More” package, you’ll have access to five additional live channels and their VOD (Video on Demand) libraries focusing on movies, celebrity stories, and documentaries. The channels included in the $3 monthly package include:

  • Sony Movies. Sony Movies features the most exciting collection of action, western, crime, and comedy movies. It delivers high-energy, unapologetically entertaining programming.
  • REELZ. Real Lives. Real Stories. Real Celebrities.® REELZ spotlights compelling stories about celebrity culture and Hollywood in revealing documentaries and poignant profiles of the famous and infamous.
  • HDNET MOVIES. HDNET MOVIES is home to box office hits, award-winning films, and memorable movie marathons. Each month, the channel presents a diverse line-up of unique films, ranging from modern blockbusters to cult classics.
  • MGM HD. MGM HD, the 24/7 movie network, showcases films from the legendary MGM collection. This channel features blockbusters, genre films, hidden gems, and the iconic MGM film franchises.
  • CINÉMOI. CINÉMOI focuses on film, fashion, and international style. It’s re-introducing American audiences to outstanding vintage and contemporary films and transporting them to the most glamorous events and exotic destinations. (VOD coming soon)

To access the “Movies & More” package, existing Philo subscribers can add these premium offerings by logging in to their account page at New customers can subscribe at and begin watching within seconds with a free 7-day trial.

We’re always looking for new ways to give our customers unique and quality content. That’s why we are pleased to announce that we’ve also added four additional channels to our Free content. In April, we built the “Free” section into our guide, bringing you channels like Bloomberg TV and Revry at no extra cost. Our goal is for Philo to be a one-stop shop for watching favorite content.

The bonus channels that we’ve added to the lineup are:

  • The channel delivers trusted programming 24/7 from your child’s favorite video friends like Ryan of Ryan’s World, LankyBox, Diana from Kids Diana Show, EvanTubeHD, HobbyKidsTV, KidCity, and CaptainSparklez!
  • Ryan and Friends. All-day, every day, Ryan and Friends features the best of Ryan, his Ryan’s World pals Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, and all the rest, along with Ryan’s favorite kid video stars from YouTube – Jason Vlogs, Marlin from MarMar Land, Scratch Garden and more!
  • Players TV. PlayersTV is the first-ever athlete-owned network dedicated to showcasing sports lifestyle and entertainment, providing sports fans with unprecedented access into the exciting lives of professional athletes, both in and outside of their sport. + More than 50 elite athletes are a part of PlayersTV.
  • Gusto TV. Gusto TV is the world’s best food channel. With authentic story-telling, all-original series, and diverse hosts from around the globe. Gusto TV’s award-winning food programming inspires, entertains, and captivates audiences in over 150 countries.

With our latest offering of add-on movie packages and free channels, there’s something for everyone to watch. You can now enjoy an even broader array of lifestyle content—from cooking and culture to classic movies and family-friendly fun, plus you’ll get inside looks into the lives of your favorite athletes—happy streaming!

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