What Philo Viewers Around the Country Are Streaming

A map of the United States with some states colored in with a Philo shade of blue.

Everyone here at Philo loves data, but Philo’s Head of Data Analytics, Scott, really loves data. So, while we were preparing our spooky October playlist and planning ahead for the upcoming holiday season specials, it got us thinking about you, our Philo community. We were curious about the favorite shows of our viewers from different cities and states, specifically, which shows are most popular in a given geographic region. While Scott ran the numbers, I put my binge-watching expertise to the test and theorized why certain TV shows and movies might appeal to various audiences. Let us know what you think, by tweeting your theories, or just let us know what you are watching on Philo in your neck of the woods by tagging @PhiloTV with the hashtag #philoblog on our Twitter or Instagram.

For example, when it comes to movies:

  • It may be early in the season for Christmas movies in some parts of the country, but not for Philo subscribers in Knoxville, Tennessee who were watching Christmas on My Mind (2019) starring Ashley Greene last week. Other popular towns enjoying Philo’s holiday assortment of movies were Orlando and Tampa in Florida.
  • In Kentucky, viewing of the Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980) is far outpacing overall viewing. Proving that a movie about coal country in Kentucky still brings in a hometown crowd.
  • Over in the Northeast, Hallmark’s Romance in the Air (2020), is also outpacing national viewing, even though it takes place in Lake Tahoe.
  • Meanwhile in Utah and Washington, Hallmark’s Roadhouse Romance (2020) is more popular than the national average. Nothing says romance in the Pacific Northwest quite like a struggling BBQ joint!

In terms of TV shows that Philo fans watch:

  • Animal Planet’s North Woods Law, a reality show that was originally set in Maine, and now films in New Hampshire, was more popular to watch by Philo viewers in the far Northeast including Maine and Vermont more than any other part of the country. Makes sense!
  • Meanwhile in Virginia (The Tri-Cities area–which includes parts of Tennessee and Kentucky too), The Viriginian, a classic show that aired from 1962-1971 and is now airing on the INSP channel, was more popular there than anywhere else. Which also makes sense to us since the main character hails from that area.
  • In Utah, Ghost Adventures is bringing in a large local audience. Is it because Ghost Adventures features lots of Utah ghostly sites (as asked by Scott D. Pierce of the Salt Lake Tribune) or because viewers in that area like a fright more than the rest of the country?
  • In Denver, South Park, the animated series about a fictional town, still has a significant following in that region (and in many other places, of course), even in its 24th season!
  • Lastly, it seems like the Southwest is looking for love. Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny is bringing in Philo viewers from New Mexico, El Paso, San Diego, Fresno, and Bakersfield. I give up and have no explanation for why this is, let us know your theories!

As always, happy streaming and thanks for being part of the Philo community!

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