Watch and browse Philo at the same time on Roku!

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Our “browse while watching” feature is now available for Philo subscribers who use Roku devices!

With this new feature, you can watch a show or movie and browse Philo for other content at the same time. In other words, you don’t have to stop streaming your current show while you search for other things to watch.

Browsing while you watch is really easy to do. Simply play something on Philo and then click up or down on the Roku remote.

-Clicking down allows you to quickly browse channels or related content, starting from the last page you visited before playback.

-Clicking up allows you to navigate to Philo’s menu pages, including Search.

Either way, your current video will continue playing in the background while you explore what Philo has to offer.

So, start making plans with Philo while watching Philo! This way, when the commercial break starts during 90-Day Fiance, you can easily switch to what’s currently airing on AMC. Or, spend the break looking through the channel guide to see what’s coming up next. The fun on Philo never stops!

With so many great things to watch on Philo, we understand why our subscribers have been asking for this feature. This update is rolling out to Roku devices first, with Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV coming later this year. Check out our Help Center for details about device compatibility.

Happy streaming (and browsing)!


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  1. Steve

    2 years later still not on fire tv pretty sad performance from philo

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