Philo Launches New “Ads-On Channel” – All Ads, All the Time.

A woman watches the Ads-On Channel in her living room.

At Philo, we know that for most people, the best part of watching television is the ad breaks. Who doesn’t love a short interruption from corporate sponsors in the middle of a riveting program? So, with that in mind, we’ve been busy working on a new channel that will let you get your commercial fix 24 hours a day!

Starting April 1st, Philo will be launching the Ads-Only Channel as part of Philo’s lineup for all subscribers. You can find the Ads-Only Channel – featuring the “Ads-Only Show” – in the Philo Guide. Of course, if for some reason commercials aren’t your thing, don’t forget that you can save ALL of your favorite shows and movies to Philo’s unlimited DVR and skip the ads! However you prefer to watch, we’re wishing you happy viewing!

And a happy April Fools’ Day!

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