5 Boss Moves Tips from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Rasheeda Frost

A still image of Rasheeda Frost from the Philo original Boss Moves with Rasheeda.

Boss Moves with Rasheeda is popping at Philo. Viewers are loving Rasheeda Frost and her bold new show as they journey into her life as a multi-hyphenate mogul. Between her successful restaurants, retail, and real estate businesses, she does it all and she does it well.

We’ve learned so much from the Boss herself that we knew we had to share with our readers. The entire Philo original is now available to watch, and there’s plenty more for you to learn. If you haven’t jumped in yet…

These are five Boss tips from the TV superstar herself on how to level up your life!

1. Research, plan and execute with confidence

Secret Boss Sauce with Yandy Smith-Harris, Episode 3 & Getting Real With Real Estate with Virgil Gordon, Episode 8

Be educated and wise enough to know when to sign and when to walk away from anything. When an opportunity of a lifetime comes your way, Rasheeda lets us know the best way to operate is in knowledge! What you say yes to shapes you and what you say no to defines you. Having the tools, capabilities, and insights in any endeavor you set forth is a strategic asset.

2. Trust the process and keep a tunnel vision on your path

Boss Beauty with Janell Stephens, Episode 4

Trusting the process can be hard but nothing half-good ever came by rushing the outcome. It can be easy to compare when it feels like you’re running a race and you’ve been given the title of tortoise but Rasheeda reminds us that growing at your own pace is the key to success.

3. Make moves silently and focus on your grind to win

Boss Beauty with Janell Stephens, Episode 4

We’ve all heard the phrase of moving silently like the g in lasagna and Rasheeda couldn’t agree more. Make moves silently, proactively, and deliberately. It’s OK to celebrate your wins and share your progress with others. It means that not everyone deserves or needs to hear them! Telling your goals to people with scarcity mindsets can be demotivating and discouraging.

4. Find people in your circle you can learn from. Never be afraid to ask for advice

Boss Marketing Magic with Kimberly Blackwell, Episode 7 and Triumph with DJ Jazze Pha, Episode 9

Asking strong questions and seeking sound advice is a must in anything you do. When coming up, Rasheeda cites her biggest influence as her mother, Shirleen. Make strong connections and good impressions with everyone, new and old; you never know who you may already know or encounter down the road who can help you find the recipe to the boss sauce. Leveling up is the goal but it starts from leveling across with your inner circle. Find mentors that can be a sounding board and a northern light to your goals.

5. Don’t overthink every decision you make. One wrong move isn’t going to make or break your business.

Boss Marketing Magic with Kimberly Blackwell, Episode 7

Remember how Rasheeda said to trust the process and grow at your own pace? Well that doesn’t mean to overanalyze every detail until you’re satisfied with it– paralysis by over-analysis. That’s a perfectionist mindset and Bosses don’t do that! To make boss moves you have to be a bit risk tolerant. A wrong boss move is a chance to reiterate, realign, and learn from the mistake. No risk, no reward.

These are just a few ways Rasheeda is teaching us how to keep it boss and now you’re one step closer, too. From rap emcee to retail magnate, reality star and more, Rasheeda is the perfect example of being multifaceted. We hope you use these Boss Tips to stay driven, motivated, and inspired.

And if you’re already caught up on Boss Moves, be sure to catch Rasheeda in an all new season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta premiering Monday, August 8, 2022 on VH1!

And remember folks, you’re not bossy; you’re THE boss!

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