Philo Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with LatinX Content

A collage shows selections available in Philo's Hispanic Heritage Month collection.

From my culture that welcomes all, to you I say ¡Bienvenidos! or Welcome! Here at Philo, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a collection that puts real meaning behind the saying “mi casa es su casa.”

Hispanic and Latino are terms referring to people with roots in Latin American or Spanish-speaking countries. These identifiers can, in most cases, be used interchangeably. This month gives remembrance to Latin American countries who have gained independence from Spain, Portugal, and France, and other countries that colonized their land and indigenous peoples. Fortunately, most Hispanics and Latinos have kept their cultures alive; whether they integrate or teach their traditions to others, the goal is always the same: to unite and welcome anyone.

The Celebrate Hispanic Culture Collection on Philo showcases the lives and voices of the Hispanic/ Latinx community and culture. Experienced best with family and friends for laughs and tears – and don’t forget some food – take a look at some of Philo’s picks for must-watch movies and shows from the collection.

Selena (1997)

We can’t talk about Hispanic impact without speaking about the “Queen of Tejano music,” Selena Quintanilla. This unforgettable Mexican-American singer and fashion icon brought forth Spanish-speaking music to mainstream radio and many finally felt their culture was seen. This biographical drama not only introduced one of the most famous Latinas, Jennifer Lopez, to the world, but also showed the journey to success that Selena had – as well as her tragic ending. This movie is always a go-to during this month and once you watch you’ll understand why!

The Casagrandes (2019)

Latinos are true believers in “the more the merrier” and The Casagrandes proves that! This big, lively family is always trying to give a helping hand (or plate) when needed but can get into some trouble with their wacky personalities! This show is perfect for kids and families. There are many educational episodes on Latin foods, words, and traditions that have lasted centuries.

Tortilla Soup (2001)

Who are we without a homemade meal? Couldn’t even tell you! Tortilla Soup is the epitome of what food means to a Latin American household and its power to unify. This movie also dives into the family complexities of three daughters and a widowed father. As each daughter tries to live a life completely different from their fellow sister, it gets rocky. Furthering difficulties, their famous chef father is slowly losing his sense of taste and smell. Philo tip: Do NOT watch this on an empty stomach.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)*

Spooky season is just around the corner and this multicategorical Oscar-winning, dark fantasy is perfect for the occasion. Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro is known for many of his not-of-this-world movies, but Pan’s Labyrinth is at the top of the list. Set after the Spanish Civil War, 10-year-old heroine Ofelia’s world turns upside down when she meets her cold new stepfather, and mythical creatures in her bedroom don’t make things easier. This must-watch is filmed in Spanish with English subtitles and takes you on a jumpy, face-wincing, clench of the blanket type of journey.

*available with STARZ add-on

Cesar Chavez (2014)*

Renowned labor and civil rights activist, Cesar Chavez, made strides for Latinos coming to the United States for honest work. This biographical film primarily focuses on the change he and his team brought through nonviolent protests to the lives of many temporary Mexican farm workers, who were getting underpaid and working under the most unsuitable working conditions. Cesar Chavez will always be an important figure not only for Latinos, but for Americans seeing how mistreated and marginalized this community has been. Watch this movie and be prepared for some heartbreak.

*available with STARZ add-on

Check out more from our Celebrate Hispanic Culture Collection and let us know what you enjoyed or learned! You can comment on our Instagram, Facebook, or tweet us favorites you discovered or were happy to be reminded of!

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