Just in time for Yellowstone Season 5 and the Holiday Movie season, Philo is releasing a native app on Samsung Smart TVs!

A TV is shown playing Philo on the new Samsung app.

You asked, we listened. We know that viewers have been wanting more Philo compatibility with their smart TVs and today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our first release of Philo for Samsung Smart TVs (2018 and newer models). As of today, the Philo app is available in the Samsung TV App Store for download. Users can follow the on-screen prompts to sign up through the mobile or web experience.

Starting today, Philo subscribers can experience Philo in a similar way they have been accustomed to on other devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and the web browser version. A similar homepage experience will allow users to navigate between Home, Guide and their favorite Saved Shows.

We made the decision to launch an early version for Samsung Smart TVs to allow more of our subscribers to access Philo during the Yellowstone and Holiday season. We wanted to provide increased accessibility to all the shows you love, especially when traveling or visiting loved ones that may not have a Philo supported device.

Our team is fully committed to offering the best Philo experience on Samsung Smart TVs, so while there are enhancements pending as we roll out the full suite of features, we will continue to update the functionality over the coming months. Pending improvements include: text based search, enhanced player navigation, and robust profiles for shows/channels.

The user experience is at the heart of everything we do, and look forward to hearing your feedback about what you would like to see to evolve the Samsung Smart TV app.

Thanks for being part of the Philo community, and happy streaming!

REMEMBER, You can watch and be ready for Season 5 right here on Philo!

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