Watch Paramount Network’s Yellowstone Season 5 on Philo!

Kevin Costner is seen as John Dutton in Yellowstone.

Are you confused about where to watch Yellowstone’s much anticipated season 5 premiere? You are not alone. But if you’re here on Philo, you’re definitely in the right place. The newest season premieres this Sunday, November 13, 2022, on the Paramount Network. At this time, the only way to watch Season 5 live is on Paramount Network which is only available through cable subscriptions or live-TV streaming cable alternatives like Philo.

FYI: Paramount Network is not to be confused with Paramount +, the paid subscription service owned by the Paramount corporation, which does not air episodes of Yellowstone in the US.

Just head to for direct access to all the available episodes as well as show information and a guide of upcoming episodes!

If you haven’t been watching writer, director, and actor Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, you’ve been missing out! Last season, the premiere shattered records, drawing in more than 8 million viewers amongst all streaming and cable TV platforms. (If you want to catch up on season 4 before the premiere, don’t forget to check out the on-demand episodes available on Philo’s Yellowstone show page).

Below, we answer some of your most pressing questions about the upcoming Yellowstone season and the spin-offs including the prequel, 1883, and the upcoming 6666 and 1923.

So what’s all the hype about Yellowstone anyway?

Yellowstone, airing since June 2018, is headlined by Oscar and Emmy winner Kevin Costner as the patriarch of a powerful, complicated family of ranchers. A sixth-generation homesteader and devoted father, Costner’s John Dutton controls the largest ranch in the United States. Dutton’s property is in constant conflict with those it borders — an expanding town, an Indian reservation, and America’s first national park. Yellowstone also features actors Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley, in main roles. Not only is Yellowstone a fantastic watch – full of beautiful cinematography – but it also has heart-pumping, suspenseful scenes and characters with depth, humor, and grit.

What’s the best way to watch Yellowstone on Philo?

Well if you’re not big on commercials or you want to be able to watch when you want, then using Philo’s free, unlimited DVR is the way to go. On the Yellowstone show profile page, hit save (+) and the new and upcoming past episodes of Yellowstone will be recorded to your 1-Year Unlimited DVR so you hit the the fast-forward button during commercial breaks.

How do I watch past seasons of Yellowstone?

According to Outsider, Peacock has past seasons 1-4 available on-demand. However, they won’t have Season 5 or new episodes until the full season has been released on cable. Fans with Peacock subscriptions will likely have to wait weeks or months to stream Season 5. At this time, the release date for Yellowstone on Peacock has not been confirmed.

However, if you have a Philo subscription, season 4 is already available on-demand. Just remember to hit save (+) on the Yellowstone show profile. When marathons take place, before and throughout the season, the newly aired episodes will save to your DVR and you’ll automatically have past seasons to watch on your 1-year DVR.

What about the other shows in the Yellowstone universe?

It’s been announced that the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off 6666 will be airing on Paramount Network sometime next year. That means you can watch 6666 on Philo when it does air.

For the prequel series 1883, and the upcoming series 1923, you’ll have to head to Paramount’s Paramount+ service.

What about other things to watch from Taylor Sheridan?

Right now you can watch Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy reality series, The Last Cowboy from CMT. Philo currently has season 2 and will be airing season 3 starting next week. The Last Cowboy chronicles the lives of eight men and women who compete in the high-stakes sport of horse reining, culminating in a record-setting million-dollar competition. These horsemen and women are determined to keep the cowboy tradition strong as they train and compete in the sport. If this sounds of interest to you, make sure to save The Last Cowboy to your DVR.

We’re glad you’ve chosen to watch Yellowstone on Philo this season! Keep an eye on this space for new and exciting content about the upcoming Yellowstone season and happy streaming!

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