Philo becomes exclusive home for Deck The Hallmark

A graphic shows Deck The Hallmark's availability on Philo.

There’s no doubt about it: We are IN the holiday season. And while the cranberries might not yet be sauced, nor the potatoes mashed or the chicken stuffed in the duck, in the turkey (because who doesn’t love a Turducken?), we are jingling all the bells.

Philo will serve as the new home of Deck the Hallmark, starting today, November 21! Here at Philo HQ, this is our favorite time of year – holiday movies everywhere you look that really get you in the spirit… So get out the eggnog because Philo is the exclusive home for Deck the Hallmark. Subscribers can enjoy watching all of their shows with their base package subscription. We’ll even have a back catalog of some of the greatest hits!

So what is Deck The Hallmark? Aside from being one of our favorite podcasts, it is without a doubt, the premiere podcast where two regular dudes watch and review EVERY holiday movie under the sun. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you’re going to love Bran and Dan — hosts and holiday enthusiasts. After our first listen, we knew they were the perfect fit for Philo.

Six shows will be coming to Philo, with each one featuring the duo’s wit and breakdowns of some of the best holiday movies around! In addition, you can expect about 50 hours of Deck The Hallmark VOD content to really stuff yourself! To make it easy to navigate the tastiest sides Deck the Hallmark has to offer, the shows will be grouped by themes, including Holiday movie reviews, non-holiday movie reviews, Previews, Rankings and Interviews, and much more. We’ll even be featuring never-before-seen exclusive content just for Philo audiences.

So this holiday season, get in the spirit and come check out Deck The Hallmark.


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