National Pet Day 2023: Great shows to watch with your pets and/or with friends and family

A collage of pet shows and movies make up some of the content available to watch on Philo during National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day!

People around the world are celebrating the furry, scaly, feathery, or otherwise texturized members of our families. And what better way to join in on the paw-ty than by watching some of our favorite TV shows and movies that feature pets on centerstage. Take a look at these dog, cat, bird (and more) shows that will remind us why pets are the best!


Beethoven (1992): The Newton family, led by George (Charles Grodin), adopts a lovable St. Bernard puppy named Beethoven. As Beethoven grows and causes household chaos, the family adores him, while George takes time to appreciate his furry friend. But danger looms when a cunning vet (Dean Jones) targets Beethoven for a sinister experiment.


Beethoven’s 2nd (1993): Rejoin the Newton family, led by George (Charles Grodin) and Alice (Bonnie Hunt), as they embark on a new St. Bernard escapade with Beethoven. When Beethoven falls for Missy and starts a family, villainous Regina (Debi Mazar) aims to profit from selling the pups. The Newton kids leap to the rescue, but Regina won’t give up easily. Dive into this tail-wagging adventure full of love, action, and family fun!


Check out the full offering of Beethoven movies here.

Dog (2022): With a dog named Lulu by his side, Army Ranger Briggs races down the Pacific Coast to make it to a soldier’s funeral on time. Along the way, Briggs and Lulu drive each other completely crazy, break a handful of laws, narrowly evade death, and learn to let down their guards to have a fighting chance of finding happiness.

Where: MGM+ VOD

A Dog’s Way Home (2019): A dog named Bella embarks on an epic 400-mile journey to find her way back to her owner, Lucas. Along the way, Bella touches the lives of everyone she meets and proves that the bond between a dog and their human is unbreakable.



Dogs 101: New Tricks: Billed as the best dog encyclopedia on television, this show will teach dog owners, new and old, how to connect with their pet on a deeper level, and learn some new tricks, too! The show highlights a wide variety of breeds to ensure everybody learns something about their favorites.

Where: Animal Planet VOD

Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs: This documentary TV series follows remarkable working dogs from around the world as they perform a wide range of specialized jobs, such as search and rescue, medical alert, and law enforcement. Each episode focuses on a different canine hero and their daily routines, as well as the bond they share with their human partners.

Where: Smithsonian Channel VOD

Blues Clues And You! This educational children’s television show encourages preschoolers to solve puzzles and think critically. The show features a live-action host named Josh and an animated blue dog named Blue, who leave clues for viewers to follow and solve a mystery. The show also incorporates music, dance, and interactive elements to engage young viewers.

Where: Nick Jr. VOD

PAW Patrol: Watch the adventures of a group of rescue dogs led by a young boy named Ryder. Each episode features the Paw Patrol team using their unique skills and vehicles to solve problems and help people in their community. The show promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and positive values such as kindness and responsibility.

Where: Nick Jr. VOD


My Cat From Hell: Celebrate National Pet Day with a twist! Join cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy as he tackles wild feline antics in households on the brink. Watch as he saves relationships and soothes furry troublemakers, turning chaos into cuddles. Don’t miss this purr-fectly thrilling adventure!

Where: Animal Planet VOD

Cats 101: This educational TV show provides viewers with an in-depth look at different cat breeds and their unique characteristics, personalities, and care requirements. Each episode of the show profiles several breeds of cats, discussing their history, temperament, grooming needs, and health issues.

Where: Animal Planet VOD

Cat vs. Dog: This reality television series features families who are deciding between getting a cat or a dog as a new pet. Each episode follows a different family as they work with experts to determine which pet is the best fit for their lifestyle and personality. The show also offers tips and insights for pet owners to help them better understand and care for their furry friends.

Where: Animal Planet VOD


Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (1996): While the majority of the movie focuses on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, her cat, Salem, is one of the most iconic felines in film! The black talking cat plays a prominent role in helping Sabrina!

Where: Crackle VOD

Conni and the Cat (2020): Mau is an adorable rascal of a cat. Conni takes Mau on a kindergarten trip and mischief follows. While trying to keep Mau a secret from the kids’ teachers, the group tries to track down a thief and save a raccoon in an ancient castle.



Paulie (1998): Rediscover the heartwarming tale of Paulie (1998), a talking parrot on a journey to reunite with his owner. This family-friendly movie celebrates the bond between humans and pets, making it a perfect choice for National Pet Day. Watch Paulie and embrace the magic of friendship and love.

Free Birds (2013): Follows the adventures of two turkeys named Reggie and Jake, who travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving in order to change the course of history and prevent turkeys from becoming the traditional holiday meal. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and challenges, and form unlikely alliances with other animals. The film features the voices of actors such as Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Amy Poehler.


Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig sees each episode filled with fun and educational activities, such as playing games, going on trips, and learning about the world around them. The show is known for its gentle humor, catchy theme song, and relatable characters, and has become a beloved classic for young children around the world.

Where: Nick Jr. VOD

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Led by Twilight Sparkle, the ponies learn about the power of friendship and help others in the land of Equestria. Each episode explores important themes such as kindness, empathy, and loyalty, and promotes positive values for children.

Which of these shows do you think is the top dog or the cat’s pajamas? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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