Celebrate Earth Day 2023 with these Shows Highlighting Nature on Philo

A collage of Earth-related TV shows highlights content available on Philo.

At Philo, we’re pretty fond of blue. It’s our core color. We love that friendly blue glow of a TV. We’re also fans of other blue things like the ocean, sky, lakes, and flowers.

We’re also a fan of going green. And on this 53rd Earth Day, we bring you content that reminds us how special this planet is and provides motivation to help preserve it.

We have tons of documentaries and series from Discovery, BBC America, Smithsonian Channel and the Science Channel, among others, that highlight the grandeur of our natural world, and the challenges we face as a planet to conserve it. Take a look at some of our top titles that might motivate you to take a trip outdoors, explore the natural world around you, organize a neighborhood clean-up, consider your carbon footprint, or do your part, however you define that, in preserving our planet!

Planet Earth II: The Frozen Planet: This captivating nature documentary series dives deep into the world’s polar regions, exploring the breathtaking landscapes, resilient wildlife, and awe-inspiring natural phenomena. By watching this series on Earth Day, viewers can gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance and interconnectedness of life in these extreme environments, and be inspired to take action in preserving and protecting our planet for future generations.

Naked and Afraid: Experience the ultimate survival challenge as participants face 21 days in the world’s most extreme environments with no clothing, food, or water in this gripping reality TV show. Appreciate the raw power of nature and the resilience of the human spirit while fostering a deeper understanding of Earth’s diverse ecosystems and the importance of respecting our natural world.

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The Story of Plastic: Witness the alarming reality behind the global plastic crisis in this eye-opening documentary that uncovers the environmental and societal consequences of plastic’s entire lifecycle. Learn the importance of tackling plastic pollution and be inspired to adopt more eco-friendly habits to lessen our impact on Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

Meltdown: Discover the harrowing impact of climate change on Earth’s ice caps and glaciers through this powerful documentary that focuses on Greenland. Witness the dramatic changes in these delicate ecosystems and be motivated to join the fight against climate change to secure a sustainable future for our planet.

Serengeti: This spellbinding docu-series transports viewers to the heart of Africa’s iconic Serengeti National Park, capturing the breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and dramatic nature that unfold throughout the year. This visually stunning show fosters a deep admiration for the natural world and inspires viewers to support conservation efforts aimed at preserving such precious ecosystems.

Crikey! It’s the Irwins: This heartwarming reality TV series follows the life and adventures of the Irwin family as they continue the legacy of the late Steve Irwin at Australia Zoo. The show inspires audiences to develop a greater appreciation for the natural world and become advocates for its protection. The Irwins share their passion for wildlife conservation, educate viewers about the importance of preserving our planet’s diverse species, and showcase their hands-on efforts to rescue and rehabilitate animals.

Chasing the Rains: Embark on a mesmerizing journey alongside monsoons as they traverse diverse landscapes, shaping ecosystems, wildlife, and human cultures in this docu-series. Delve into the vital role water plays as a life-sustaining force, and recognize the importance of protecting Earth’s delicate natural balance.

What on Earth? Gain an entirely new perspective on our planet’s geological and environmental wonders through this fascinating docu-series that employs cutting-edge satellite imagery. Develop a deeper appreciation for Earth’s complexity and beauty, and feel motivated to preserve its diverse ecosystems.

Great Lakes Untamed: Immerse yourself in the beauty and abundant wildlife of the North American Great Lakes region through this enthralling nature documentary series. Explore the intricate ecosystems and remarkable natural phenomena of these freshwater wonders, and be inspired to support conservation initiatives that protect these unique habitats.

The Wild Andes: Journey to the heart of the majestic Andes mountains in this docu-series that reveals the range’s incredible landscapes, distinctive wildlife, and amazing natural occurrences. Develop a newfound respect for the delicate balance of life in these remote regions and marvel at our planet’s extraordinary features.

Epic Yellowstone: Narrated by Bill Pullman, this docu-series that delves into the breathtaking beauty, diverse wildlife, and powerful geological forces at work in Yellowstone National Park. We see the intricate relationships between the park’s inhabitants and their environment. This captivating show fosters a deep admiration for the natural world and encourages viewers to support efforts to conserve and protect such iconic and fragile ecosystems.

Earth’s Great Seasons: Witness the remarkable changes our planet experiences throughout the year in this stunning documentary series that examines the incredible adaptations of Earth’s flora and fauna during each season. Appreciate the intricate connections between Earth’s diverse ecosystems and marvel at the planet’s cyclical dance of life.

A Wild Year on Earth: Join this series on a year-long global expedition to witness Earth’s most progression, extraordinary animal behaviors, and seasonal transformations. Discover the astonishing resilience and adaptability of our planet’s inhabitants and cultivate a sense of wonder and respect for Earth’s complex web of life.

The Last Alaskans: This compelling reality TV series follows the lives of a few intrepid families living in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most remote and untouched regions on Earth. It showcases the challenges and beauty of living in harmony with nature and offers a unique perspective on the resilience of both humans and the environment.

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Secrets in the Ice: This riveting documentary series delves into the world’s frozen landscapes, uncovering ancient mysteries and hidden treasures preserved beneath layers of ice. The stories these icy realms hold will fascinate viewers with Earth’s history but also serve as a stark reminder of the fragility of these rapidly changing environments.

Wild Latin America: This docu-series takes viewers on a journey through the diverse landscapes and rich wildlife found across the vast and vibrant continent of Latin America. This captivating show fosters a deep appreciation for the region’s natural wonders taking a close look at three very different species growing up, mating and surviving in the region.

Polar Bear Summer: This documentary follows the lives of polar bears during the Arctic’s brief but intense summer season, capturing their unique behaviors and survival strategies in a rapidly changing environment. This fascinating film shows Hudson Bay, where polar bears summer on dry lands.

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