A&E’s WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures S2 and Stone Cold Takes on America set to premiere on Philo

A collage shows Stone Cold Takes on America and WWE's Most Wanted Treasures that are now available to watch on Philo.


Cue up your favorite wrestler’s walk-out music, because this Sunday we’re all looking for a title shot. Premiering April 30 on A&E as part of its WWE Superstar Sunday, is the second season of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures and the premier of Stone Cold Takes on America.

So, get ready to rumble and let Philo pile drive you onto your couch with these heavy hitting wrestling shows. 

WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, Sunday, 6 p.m. PST 

We’re going treasure hunting – again!

Building off the hype of season 1, WWE legends Booker T, Mick Foley and Lita are back on their quest to find some of the most beloved items in WWE lore. The trailer previews the searches for Macho Man’s king crown, Steve Austin’s smoking skull title, Roddy Piper’s original bagpipes, the D-Generation X Jeep and more!

Season one saw Booker T and Co. reclaim memorabilia of wrestling legends Mick Foley, The Undertaker and Kane, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Booker T, Sgt. Slaughter and Iron Sheik, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Brutus The Barber Beefcake and Greg The Hammer Valentine, and Andre the Giant, Ric Flair. Season two kicks off with Steve Austin! 

Season 1 is available on VOD via A&E right now.

And then… if you didn’t get enough of the Texas Rattlesnake…

Stone Cold Takes on America, Sunday, 7 p.m. PST 

The days of Austin 3:16 may be over, but a new era of Stone Cold is about to begin. 

In the trailer for Stone Cold Takes on America, our hero warns the audience “you never know where I’ll show up next.” And then reminds us “I may be retired, but I’m not taking it easy. I’m taking it on.”

The wrestling legend endeared himself to blue collar America and beyond with his style and attitude that made him one of a kind – and a champion (six times, for those keeping score at home). In his new show, fans and new folks alike get a chance to see him up close as he travels in his RV, accepting challenges from anybody and everybody. 

Some of the things teased in the trailer include offroading, ice trucking, 4x4ing, drift race, flying a helicopter, bowling, rafting, a fastfood restaurant, and a bar. To find out the exact nature of the challenge viewers will have to tune in. 

And for those fans who want to keep bouncing off the turnbuckle, beginning at 3 p.m. PST on Sunday, you can watch WWE Legends. The docuseries explores the lives of famous wrestlers both in and out of the ring. Episodes scheduled on Sunday include Dusty Rhodes, Iron Sheik, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Who’s your favorite wrestler? What’s your favorite wrestling move? Let us know in the comment section below!


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