Celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 with these Mom-centric shows on Philo

A collage of TV shows and movies shows a collection of Mother's Day related content available to watch on Philo.

Mother’s Day is coming up!

First, thank you to all the mothers around the world for your love, care and contributions to our families and society. Where would we be without our moms, our No. 1 fans, our caretakers, and one of our biggest role models in life? Moms do it all, and that’s why we take time every year to celebrate. And for those who have lost mothers, the day can be a special time to treasure fond memories.

Here are some of our favorite shows to remind you of mom, or to watch with your loved ones this Sunday, or any day.


The Brady Bunch: Who doesn’t love Carol Brady? Sometimes, she felt like America’s mom in this sitcom that follows the story of a blended family of six children and their parents. The show’s emphasis on love, acceptance, and family values make it a timeless and heartwarming choice. 

Good Times: Florida Evans – the no-nonsense, strong and resilient mother – was a big part of the hit sitcom. The Evans family, a Chicago family living in a public housing project, helped to explain many social and political issues of the time, including poverty, racism, and the challenges of raising a family in a disadvantaged community. 

Happy Days: Another classic TV mom, Marion Cunningham made Happy Days with her motherly guidance and advice, her cooking, and her comedic timing. The show follows the lives of the Cunningham family and their friends in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Everybody Loves Raymond: Take your pick: Debra Barone’s responsibility as the homemaker, or Marie Barone’s passive-aggressive mother-in-law drop-ins. Both moms were central to Everybody Loves Raymond, as the show followed Raymond Barone’s career as a sportswriter in Long Island. 

Good Bones: With an emphasis on family dynamics and entrepreneurship, this American reality TV show follows mother-daughter duo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk as they renovate old homes in their hometown of Indianapolis. Viewers will see the power of collaboration between mothers and their children in achieving shared goals.

Mom’s Got Game: Did you know NBA champion JaVale McGee’s mom also played professional basketball? This reality TV show centers around former WNBA player Pamela McGee and her son JaVale. The show explores the intersection of family, sports, and entrepreneurship. It also celebrates the unique bonds and support systems that mothers provide for their children, especially in the competitive world of professional sports.

Mom: Mom is a sitcom that aired from 2013 to 2021, following the story of single mother Christy Plunkett and her relationships with her mother, daughter, and fellow Alcoholics Anonymous members. Addiction, recovery, and family dynamics as well as highlighting the strength and resilience of mothers, make this show a great watch. 

Golden Girls: Maybe we all should say “thank you for being a friend” to our moms a little more? The Golden Girls is nearly synonymous with sitcom television as it follows the lives of four older women who share a house in Miami during their golden years – including motherly figure Sophia Petrillo.  

Schitt’s Creek: Schitt’s Creek is a hilarious and heartwarming sitcom that follows the wealthy Rose family as they are forced to move to the small town of Schitt’s Creek after losing all their money. The family’s matriarch, Moira, while often self-obsessed, eventually grows to prioritize her family and be the mother they need. The show’s themes of family, love, and growth make it a perfect watch for Mother’s Day, as it showcases the complex and meaningful relationships between mothers and their children.


Spring Baking Championship: In this episode, the bakers have to create a special treat by turning coffee and cream into a delicious dessert and whipping up a festive brunch fit for any mom.

Moesha: Brandy finds herself caught between the love and support of her caring stepmother and the complex mix of emotions she experiences for her deceased mother. As she navigates her conflicting feelings, Brandy grapples with the challenges of love and grief, shaping her journey of self-discovery and understanding.

Guy’s Grocery Games: In a creative challenge, four moms showcase their skills by crafting an incredible breakfast, with an assist from Lori, Guy Fieri’s wife, during the Express Lane challenge. As the competition intensifies, the finalists are tasked with incorporating the luscious flavors of tiramisu into an indulgent dinner.

How It’s Made: A Mother’s Day Edition of the hit learning show! Watch how these motherhood essentials, such as disposable diapers, playground rides, and baby carriages, are made. 

Chopped: In a thrilling culinary competition, four mothers go head-to-head, facing an appetizer basket featuring unexpected ingredients like chicken noodle soup and salsa. The challenge intensifies in the entree round as the moms contend with the incorporation of a sugary ingredient. Finally, in the dessert basket, they must masterfully utilize lady fingers to create a delectable sweet treat.

Giada At Home: Giada celebrates Mother’s day by inviting her friends and their children over for a home-cooked brunch, including baked french toast with blueberries.


Beyonce: Baby and Beyond: This hour-long unofficial biography delves into the factors that have propelled Beyoncé  to become the iconic superstar, extraordinary talent, devoted wife, and incredible mother she is today.

Stepmom (1998): A drama that follows the story of a successful photographer and mother of two who learns she has terminal cancer and must come to terms with the fact that her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, a younger woman named Isabel, will soon be a stepmother to her children. The movie’s exploration of family, grief, and the complexities of blended families makes it a touching and poignant portrayal of motherhood in all its forms.

Georgia Rule (2007): This drama-dy sees a rebellious teenage girl is sent to live with her strict grandmother in a small town for the summer. The movie delves into the complexities of family relationships and explores themes of forgiveness and redemption. With a stellar cast and a compelling storyline, Georgia Rule is a poignant and heartwarming portrayal of the joys and challenges of mother-daughter relationships

Mothers and Daughters (2016): Speaking of mother-daughter relationships, this drama dives deep on all the intricacies. The movie features interwoven stories of women from different generations and backgrounds, highlighting the universal themes of love, loss, and the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters. Available with MGM+ add-on

And this is just a sampling of the content you can watch on Philo to celebrate Mother’s Day! Let us know in the comments section below which are your favorites, or what you’ll be watching. 


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