National Streaming Day 2023: What Philo Viewers Stream Every Year on May 20th

A woman tunes into one of Philo's top shows on National Streaming Day.

Happy National Streaming Day!

While we at Philo are partial to streaming every day, we wanted to take some time to see what’s being watched on National Streaming Day, so we took a look at what our community has streamed on past National Streaming Days (May 20th)! 

Thanks to our fantastic data analytics team, we cracked the case: 48 Hours consistently rose to the top of the most watched title each year. And who doesn’t love a good true crime story? Last year we learned that 22% of folks we polled turn to crime procedurals for comfort

Drilling down a bit further, we took a look at the top singular episodes of TV that were watched on past National Streaming Days. The trends? Viewers watched reality TV love shows and were hooked on a drama served up from Tyler Perry that aired either the day before or on May 20th. 

Here are the most watched episodes on May 20th from 2018-2022:

2022 – Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Season 9, Episode 8. Hip Hop Edition: Hard Knock Life. Perhaps no surprise, this episode of MBCRS premiered right before National Streaming Day, and Philo viewers vaulted it into top watched territory. In the episode, in order to break the cycle, the participants in the Boot Camp must confront the demons of their past childhood experiences. A1’s unsettling story provides a newfound understanding, while Lyrica grapples with the loss of her twin. Additionally, Rich and Mariahlynn experience a long-awaited breakthrough in their journey.

2021 – Married at First Sight. Season 12, Episode 18: Atlanta Reunion Part 1: Another episode that released the day before National Streaming Day, this Married at First Sight episode kicked off a two-parter based in Atlanta. In this episode, a group of five couples in Atlanta engage in discussions about their present relationships, divulge their future plans, and address unresolved issues from their shared past.

2020 – Tyler Perry’s The Oval. Season 1, Episode 15: Clock Work. Drum roll… this episode of The Oval originally aired on… May 20th, 2020! Tyler Perry’s The Oval dramatizes the personal and political relationships that unfold within the White House. In this episode, Kyle jeopardizes his boss by being overly talkative.

Watch this episode by logging into with your Philo account. Seasons 3 and 4 are currently available on Philo.  

2019 – Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Season 8, Episode 10: To The Left: Another May 20th premiere time, this episode featured Spice extending an invitation to Karlie, Joc, and their friends, enticing them to visit Trinidad. The series is the second iteration of Love & Hip Hop delves into the challenges of pursuing fame in the rap industry while navigating the complexities of relationships and familial hardships in Atlanta. The cast includes Mimi Faust, the ex-girlfriend of Grammy-winning producer Stevie J; Trinidadian R&B singer Karlie Redd; “raptress” Jessica Dime; and Atlanta rapper/entrepreneur Rasheeda. 

This episode is not currently available, but other episodes in Season 8 can be streamed on demand right now!

2018 – 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 3, Episode 1: Home Sweet Home. Another National Streaming Day premiere, this episode of 90 Day Fiancé featured Jorge engaging in meetings with divorce attorneys as Chantel raises doubts about Pedro’s intentions regarding sending money back home. Nicole and Azan confront a pivotal moment of truth while Molly resolves not to give up. Pao receives unsettling news from Colombia, and David and Annie face their fair share of challenges.

This all begs the question: What do you think will be the most streamed show on Philo this National Streaming Day? If we had to guess… Well, we’ll take our guesses in the comment section. Let us know your predictions, too!


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  1. Erik Anderson

    I’m going to break tradition here… and predict the most watched show tomorrow is going to be… not a premiere but… Basketball Wives!

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