Discover Uncharted Territories of Entertainment with The Philo Deep Dive

A graphic shows Philo's new unique show, the Philo Deep Dive, created by the Deck The Hallmark crew.

Are you looking for your next show? Does it feel like you’ve just seen EVERYTHING? Are you ready for a wild ride? Queue The Philo Deep Dive

You can usually catch hosts – and best friends – Bran and Dan watching and reviewing EVERY Hallmark Channel movie and show under the sun on their Philo-exclusive channel Deck the Hallmark. Now, you can follow along on their exhilarating journey as they take the plunge into the depths of Philo’s most obscure, niche, and outright unhinged movies and shows. If you think you’ve seen it all on Philo, think again, because The Philo Deep Dive is here to challenge your perception of what’s truly out there.

Tune in each week to watch as Dan and Bran gleefully dissect a bizarre sci-fi series, passionately debate the artistic merits of an avant-garde experimental film that blurs the boundaries between reality and dreams, and much more. With The Philo Deep Dive, you never know what hidden gems the guys will unearth.

Our intrepid hosts are true adventurers at heart, fearlessly navigating the uncharted waters of Philo’s library and seeking out hidden gems that often go unnoticed by the casual viewer. From offbeat indie films to cult classics, they dive headfirst into worlds of unconventional storytelling and characters that defy expectations.

Over the years, Deck the Hallmark has grown in popularity and has become a go-to podcast for fans of Hallmark Channel’s holiday movies. One of the reasons why Deck the Hallmark has resonated with audiences – and us – is the hosts’ genuine appreciation for the movies and shows they review. We are turning that up to 11 with this latest iteration of Deck the HallmarkThe Philo Deep Dive

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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