Score a Home Run with the Best Baseball Movies and TV Shows to Stream this Summer

A collection of TV shows and movies highlights baseball content you can watch on Philo!

Summertime is here. The temperature creeps higher, the days feel longer, and America’s pastime thrills us on those idyllic summer nights. 

We love the crack of the bat swinging for the fences, comfort stadium food, and spending time with our loved ones watching the big leagues, or those chasing their big league dreams. And while we’re not taking you out to the ball game, we did take a swing at assembling a roster of great baseball movies and TV shows to watch from your home dugout. Take a look!


Sandlot: “You’re killing me, Smalls!” Watch the charming tale of friendship, summer adventures, and baseball as a ragtag group of young boys discovers the joys of the game and the trials of growing up.

Sandlot 2: The sequel to the beloved Sandlot, take another look at a heartwarming story of a new generation of kids navigating friendship and baseball on the legendary sandlot field.

A League of Their Own: Follow the journey through a time when women took the helm of America’s pastime during World War II, creating a lasting legacy in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Fastball: An exhilarating exploration into the world of baseball, this movie uncovers the thrilling truth and captivating lore behind the sport’s most legendary pitch: the fastball.

Fences: In Fences, a former Negro League baseball player struggles with his past and present, confronting the realities of race, family, and dreams deferred in 1950s Pittsburgh.

The Natural: See the mythical and poignant story of a gifted baseball player, whose promising career is derailed by tragedy, only to make an astonishing come back years later.

The Jackie Robinson Story: “The Jackie Robinson Story” is a biographical journey into the life of the iconic player who broke baseball’s color barrier, forever changing the sport and society.

All-Stars: This comedic, yet touching, examination of a girls’ softball team shows the overzealous parents who support them, and the highs and lows of youth sports.

After Jackie: “After Jackie” is a powerful series examining the enduring impact of Jackie Robinson’s career on baseball and beyond, providing insights into the challenges faced by those who followed in his trailblazing footsteps.


Brockmire (two episodes currently available): A darkly comedic series, “Brockmire” presents the story of a famed baseball announcer trying to salvage his career and personal life after a public meltdown.

Seinfeld, The Boyfriend Part 1: In this memorable episode, Jerry befriends a New York Mets player, leading to comedic misunderstandings and memorable moments, including the famous “Magic Loogie” sequence. Watch an upcoming viewing on June 14, at 5 p.m. PST

Mythbusters, Famous Baseball Myths: This fun episode tackles the tall tales and superstitions of baseball, using science to separate fact from fiction on the field.

Portlandia, Baseball: The dream of the ‘90s is alive in Portland, and this whimsical satire of the city’s unique culture intersects with the world of baseball, resulting in an unconventional game filled with quirkiness.

Road Grill, the Baseball Game: Road Grill hits a home run with The Baseball Game episode, where grill master Matt Dunigan cooks up ballpark favorites with a delicious twist.

How It’s Made, Baseball Gloves: Medical Electrodes: This “How It’s Made” episode dives into the intricate process behind creating baseball gloves, revealing the craftsmanship that goes into every stitch.

How Do They Do it?, Weather Factory, Baseball Gloves and Christmas Pudding: In this episode of How Do They Do It? viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how baseball gloves are crafted, along with insights into weather factories and Christmas pudding production.

No Days Off, 11-Year-Old Baseball Phenom – Next Jose Altuve? “No Days Off” spotlights a prodigious 11-year-old baseball player who shows remarkable talent and dedication, drawing early comparisons to the great Jose Altuve.

Will you step to the plate for any of these shows? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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