Leo Season: Shows and movies to watch if you’re born between July 23 and August 22

A collage shows content available on Philo that may appeal to people are represented by the Leo zodiac sign.

Leo Season is here!

Leos, the trusty lion of the zodiac, are known to be passionate and fun-loving, and can’t help but be the center of attention. 

Are you a Leo? If so, you’re in good company. Famous Leos in the TV and movie world include:

  • Jennifer Lopez – Singer, actress, and entertainer
  • Chris Hemsworth – Actor known for portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Daniel Radcliffe – Actor famous for playing Harry Potter in the film series
  • Whitney Houston – Legendary singer and actress
  • Jennifer Lawrence – Actress known for her versatile performances in films and her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” series

Leos are known for their love of drama, creativity, and passion, so they often enjoy movies and shows that evoke strong emotions, showcase artistic expression, and feature charismatic and courageous characters. Here are some movies and shows on Philo that you might like if you’re born between July 23 to August 22 (or some things to watch with the Leo in your life). 


Boss Moves with Rasheeda: With Season 2 hitting in the middle of Leo Season, on Tuesday, August 15th, Boss Moves with Rasheeda is the perfect Leo watch (despite Rasheeda being a Gemini). This season, Rasheeda will be chilling with celebrity friends like Nelly, Marlo Hampton, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, and Jermaine Dupri, discussing music, starting a business, and ways to balance life and the things that matter most. To get you prepared for the new season, we’ve launched our exclusive Boss Moves Channel, so you can get caught up on season 1 just in time for the premiere.

Here’s why Boss Moves could appeal to a Leo audience. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Leos often admire individuals who demonstrate strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Rasheeda’s journey as a businesswoman, building her fashion and beauty empire, can resonate with Leos’ appreciation for ambition and success.

Leadership and Commanding Presence: Leos admire individuals with a commanding presence and strong leadership qualities. As Rasheeda takes charge of her business ventures, Leos may appreciate her and her guests’ ability to make decisions and steer their careers.

Self-Expression and Authenticity: Leos value authenticity and self-expression, and reality shows often provide glimpses into the lives and personalities of the cast members. Rasheeda’s openness and authenticity on the show could resonate with a Leo audience.

Heels (available with the STARZ add-on) could be an enjoyable show for Leos for the following motivations.

Passion and Intensity: Leos are known for their passionate and intense nature, and Heels showcases the high-energy world of wrestling, with characters who display strong emotions and dedication to their craft.

Charismatic Characters: The show features charismatic and larger-than-life characters, which can appeal to Leos’ fascination with influential and captivating personalities.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta could get a Leo audience roaring because of its: 

Creative Expression and Music: Leos have a love for creative expression, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta revolves around the world of music, giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of musicians, artists, and their creative endeavors.

Pop Culture: Leos are generally interested in the world of fame and celebrity, and reality shows featuring well-known personalities can be intriguing for a Leo audience.

Self-Expression and Authenticity: Leos value authenticity and self-expression, and reality shows often provide glimpses into the lives and personalities of the cast members, allowing viewers to connect with real and unfiltered emotions.

Here’s why Leos could love Ridiculousness.

Themes of Fun and Enjoyment: Leos enjoy fun and pleasurable experiences. Ridiculousness provides a fun and entertaining escape from everyday life, allowing Leos to unwind and enjoy humorous content.

Short, Engaging Clips: Leos can have busy lives and may appreciate the format of the show, which features short, bite-sized clips that are easy to watch and provide quick bursts of entertainment.


The Wendy Williams Movie that premiered in 2021 and is available on VOD could be appealing to a Leo for a couple reasons.

Drama and Entertainment: Leos are often drawn to dramatic and entertaining content, and Wendy Williams: The Movie delivers just that. The film depicts the real-life story of Williams, a prominent talk show host known for her outspoken and controversial style, which can captivate Leos’ love for engaging narratives.

Resilience and Determination: Leos are known for their determination and resilience, and the movie portrays the ups and downs of Williams’ life and career, highlighting her ability to overcome challenges and achieve success.

The Hunger Games, starring fellow Leo, Jennifer Lawrence, is great for an entertainment-starved Leo. 

Courage and Heroism: Leos admire courage and heroism, and the movie centers around Katniss Everdeen, a brave and resourceful protagonist who becomes a symbol of hope and rebellion. Leos may resonate with her determination to fight for what she believes in.

Themes of Justice and Freedom: Leos value justice and fairness. The movie delves into themes of oppression, rebellion, and the fight for freedom, which can resonate with Leos’ desire for a just world.

The King’s Speech  (available with the STARZ add-on) could appeal to a Leo audience for several reasons. 

Royalty and Leadership: Leos often appreciate stories involving royalty and leadership, as lions are symbols of royalty, as the king of the animal kingdom. The movie revolves around the British monarchy and explores the responsibilities and struggles of a king, which can captivate a Leo’s fascination with leadership roles. 

Historical Setting: Leos often appreciate historical dramas and period pieces. The movie is set during a significant historical period, the lead-up to World War II, which can appeal to Leos’ interest in history and historical context.

Are you a Leo? What are your favorite shows and movies to watch on Philo? Let us know in the comments. 

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