Virgo Season: TV Shows to watch on Philo if you’re born between August 23 and September 22

A collection of show titles illustrates shows available on Philo during Virgo season.

Virgo Season is here!

The virgins of the zodiac are known for their practicality, attention to detail, and introspective/analytical nature. 

Are you a Virgo? If so, you’re in good company. Famous Virgos in the TV and movie world include:

Beyonce (September 4, 1981) – Queen B, multi-hyphenate star. 

Blake Lively (August 25, 1987) – known for her role in Gossip Girl. 

Keanu Reeves (September 2, 1964) – star of The Matrix and John Wick series.

Zendaya (September 1, 1996) – American actress, singer, stars in Euphoria. 

Idris Elba (September 6, 1972) – known for Luther, The Wire and A-List movie actor.

Andrew Lincoln (September 14, 1973) –  The original main protagonist in The Walking Dead. 

Here are some TV shows and movies on Philo that many Virgos might enjoy. These suggestions align with some of the traits and interests commonly associated with Virgos, such as deductive reasoning, attention to detail, appreciation for complex storytelling, and a thirst for knowledge. Virgos also love long running series and procedural formats because they’re predictable and Virgos love a routine.  

Grey’s Anatomy 

First, it’s a medical drama. Virgos tend to appreciate shows that involve problem-solving and attention to detail, and Grey’s Anatomy provides an inside look at the medical field, surgeries, and medical cases.

Second, character development is a hallmark of the show. Virgos often enjoy in-depth character development and the exploration of human relationships. Grey’s Anatomy features a diverse cast of characters with complex backstories and evolving dynamics, appealing to Virgos’ introspective and contemplative nature.

Criminal Minds 

Virgos will likely appreciate the structured crime procedural format of the show, where each episode revolves around solving a specific case. The predictable format allows Virgos to be productive while watching a show, which they love. Criminal Minds features cases that require the team from the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI to solve intricate puzzles and mysteries surrounding a serial killer. Virgos will probably enjoy solving the cases even before the on-screen team does, using their deductive reasoning skills. 

Virgos love psychological exploration. Criminal Minds delves into the psychology of both criminals and the BAU agents, offering psychological insights and character development. Virgos may be intrigued by the show’s examination of human behavior, motivations, and the factors that lead individuals to commit crimes.

The Good Wife 

Virgos enjoy legal dramas and The Good Wife is one of the best.  Virgos tend to appreciate shows that involve critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. The Good Wife revolves around legal cases, courtroom drama, and the complexities of the legal system.

The Good Wife delves into ethical dilemmas faced by lawyers, clients, and the main protagonist, Alicia Florrick. Virgos may find the exploration of moral choices thought-provoking. The show often draws inspiration from real-life legal issues and current events, offering a connection to the real world and providing educational insights into legal matters.


Bones revolves around forensic anthropology and crime-solving, requiring sharp observation and analytical skills. 

Virgos value justice and closure, and Bones often provides resolution  to the cases investigated. 

The Walking Dead 

As worriers and planners, Virgos actually like to watch worst case scenario programming in order to prepare for unlikely bad scenarios. Starring fellow Virgo Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead presents a post-apocalyptic world where characters must strategize and survive in the face of constant threats. Virgos may appreciate the tactical thinking and problem-solving required for survival, and may even devise their own post-apocalyptic survival plan. 

The Walking Dead often portrays themes of leadership and decision-making. Virgos may be interested in observing how characters navigate leadership roles in times of crisis.

Are you a Virgo? Let us know if these series on Philo appeal to you!

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