Philo Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month with These Top Picks From La Cultura

A collage of show titles illustrates Latinx content available for Philo viewers to watch during Latinx Heritage Month.

Latinx Heritage Month is here and Philo’s Latinx employee resource group (ERG) wants to welcome you with open arms into our culture! Think of us as the wise Tias, or aunts, that are always giving the best advice. In this case, it’s what to watch, learn about, and celebrate this month!

On Philo, you can watch shows and movies about Latinx history, danceable music, delicious food, and even cost-saving tips on how to renovate your casa. With the following recommendations, we’ve included actors, creators and stories that embody a “Sí, se puede” attitude. Our ERG hopes to demonstrate how far representation has come and that anything is possible.

This is Mexico (Tastemade)
This is Mexico takes you on the most fun field trip of the land so many of us call home, tequila included of course. Gerardo Lopez was born and raised in Mexico, and as he looks for inspiration for his Mexican tortilla bakery in Australia, he explores the motherland! You will be in awe of the colorful people from Zaachila [Za-chee-lah] dancing on stilts or the modernization of Mexican cuisine that still manages to keep hold of its roots.
Written by: Frida Peña

Lost Tombs of the Maya (Science Channel)

History has played a major role in the development of societies. In the documentary Lost Tombs of the Maya, this remarkable time is brought back to life in vivid 3D and sheds new light on the life and death of the ancient Maya. The Mayas exemplify their genius through their mathematical precision, long-lasting pyramids, and creating cultural influences that span across multiple countries.
Written by: Frida Peña

Rico to the Rescue (HGTV)

Home renovation is stressful enough as it is, but can you imagine grappling with a nightmarish contractor? Enter HGTV’s Rico to the Rescue! Puerto Rican builder, Rico Léon, steps in to assist Denver homeowners with some pretty intense renovation woes. Motivated by memories of a difficult contractor his parents once had to deal with, Rico is passionate about fixing the messes that certain contractors have unleashed upon unsuspecting homeowners. But not to worry, Rico’s empathic and no-nonsense approach to problem solving always ensures a happy ending (and beautiful home), for us to marvel at.
Written by: Stephanie Ruiz-Garcia

The Latin Kitchen (Gusto TV)
Juan Pablo (Venezuela), Luis (Mexico) and Tigretón (Spain) introduce us to traditional Latin meals with simple techniques and new ingredients sure to add a little spice to any fiesta! In each episode, Juan Pablo, Luis, and Tigretón explore a dish originating from their respective countries. Get a taste of these mouth-watering recipes right in the comfort of your home.
Philo Tip: Best viewed with a margarita en mano. 

Written by: Frida, Moni, Stephanie, Victoria

Hispanic Heritage Month: Latin Stars (Vevo Pop)

Vevo Pop has got you covered with a vast collection of Latin music videos to get the party started! Celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month with videos from iconic Latin stars like Celia Cruz, Bad Bunny, Karol G and much more. We recommend it be paired with cooking, cleaning, dancing and buenas ondas (good vibes).
Written by: Moni Rodriguez

Black Bear (MGM+)

Tap into your dark side with intense meta-thriller, Black Bear starring Puerto Rican-American actress, Aubrey Plaza. The film is broken down into three parts, beginning with writer/director Allison (Plaza) experiencing writer’s block and seeking inspiration for her next film by traveling to an isolated cabin in the woods. Her presence causes the relationship between her hosts, couple Gabe and Blair, to unravel almost immediately and the lines of reality and fiction are blurred more and more throughout the film leaving you wondering, is anything what it seems?
Written by: Victoria Rivera

Black Bear (2020) is available on Philo with the MGM+ add on for $6/mo. 

Looking for more Latinx content? Check out our Celebrate Latinx Culture collection with even more titles to stream! 

How are you celebrating Latinx Heritage Month? Let us know in the comments below! 

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