Philo Adopts Unified ID 2.0 to Improve CTV Addressability

Philo is happy to announce its adoption of the open-source identity framework Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) to enhance programmatic advertising transactions across its roster of premium streaming TV channels. Pioneered by The Trade Desk, UID2 is a new industry-backed identity solution that uses salted and hashed data to enable advertising targeting and measurement across the open internet. 

By transacting via UID2, advertisers are able to more accurately and precisely target their relevant audiences and measure desired performance outcomes for ads aired within Philo’s universe of live and on-demand streaming subscribers, furthering Philo’s commitment to improving addressability and efficiency for advertisers. 

Philo will enable UID2 across all its owned inventory to improve match rates and fidelity for advertisers’ first-and third-party segments on programming like A+E, AMC, Hallmark, Paramount Global, Warner Brothers Discovery, Weigel, and more. 

“We are thrilled to  support Unified ID 2.0 as a way to improve addressability for advertisers in the premium CTV landscape,” said Reed Barker, Philo Head of Advertising. “Years of investing in our programmatic-first approach have culminated in this solution, which allows advertisers to accurately engage their audiences and measure results at scale, all while respecting consumer privacy.”

Philo has always been a forward-thinking partner and their adoption of Unified ID 2.0 reflects their commitment to giving their customers a premium streaming experience,” said Taylor Ash, General Manager of Inventory Development for CTV.  “The combination of Unified ID 2.0 and CTV represents the best the open internet has to offer advertisers and consumers, and it’s encouraging to see Philo champion a new approach to identity that advances the entire digital ecosystem.” 

Philo has recently rolled out this capability, reinforcing our mission to offer robust, interoperable advertising solutions across our platforms and demand partners.

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