Philo Launches Seven New FAST Channels from Sony and Tastemade

Seven tiles show new FAST channels that launched on Philo!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce a fresh wave of content that’s rolling onto Philo. Say hello to seven new FAST (Free, Ad-Supported TV) channels, hand-picked for our TV-loving Philo community. And the best part? You can dive right into these channels without ever leaving the cozy confines of Philo.

Joining the platform are Tastemade Home, Tastemade Travel, and Sony’s CINEVAULT: Murder & Mayhem, CINEVAULT: Westerns, CINEVAULT: 80s, CINEVAULT: Classics, and Game Show Central. Learn more about these new additions below. 

Tastemade Home

Welcome to Tastemade Home: the gathering place for a new generation of homeowners and renters alike. A streaming channel where award-winning design shows and DIY-focused programming inspires viewers to make their home a vibe, and empowers them to be confidently imperfect.

Tastemade Travel

Escape to a world of delicious experiences with Tastemade Travel – your trusted confidant in finding new adventures that make the local, global! Featuring off-the-beaten-path series with diverse hosts that you can trust, this streaming channel encourages viewers to stop scrolling and start hunting for ways to make the everyday special.

CINEVAULT: Murder & Mayhem

CINEVAULT Murder & Mayhem is an irresistible array of “watch through your fingers” movies. Once you start watching you may never stop.


Kick off your spurs and hitch a ride back to the Old West with CINEVAULT Westerns, featuring iconic, action-packed films from Columbia Pictures.


Think 80s hair was big? Our stars are bigger. Hollywood’s biggest stars are fer sure the highlight of these awesome movies from an epic decade.


Stars like Cary Grant, Jerry Lewis, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy shine in sparkling movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Game Show Central

A channel of fast, fun game show programming with something for everyone.  We offer round-the-clock beat-the-clock entertainment.

All seven new free channels have been added to the Philo service, a line up of 70+ channels, and can be found in the Philo Guide. These channels join Philo’s existing free channels, including USA Today, RetroCrush, Crackle, Cowboy Way, Drag Race Universe, Screambox TV, Bob Ross Channel, Fail Army, and much, much more!

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