Tyler Perry’s Sistas and The Oval Return on Philo!

A collage of Tyler Perry's The Oval and Sistas.

Tyler Perry is back with all the latest drama with The Oval and Sistas on BET. And trust us, Perry – the actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and media mogul – is delivering even more gripping episodes for you this fall. You won’t want to miss a single scandalous second.

The Oval – Season 5, premieres Tuesday, October 17, 9 pm ET

Behind the grandeur of the White House lies a whirlwind of secrets, power plays, and, of course, drama. The Oval returns with its fifth season, and it’s set to be more intense than ever. Dive deep into the intricate web spun by U.S. President Hunter Franklin and the equally formidable first lady, Victoria. This dynamic duo, together with their unpredictable offspring – Gayle and Jason, are known to make waves and stir the pot, to say the least.

But it’s not just the first family that keeps us glued. The White House staff, led by the honorable ex-serviceman and head butler, Richard Hallsen, face their own set of challenges, often intertwined with the antics of the people they serve.

Gear up for the season’s first episode, “Turning Tables,” where Victoria crafts a fresh game plan amidst Hunter’s perilous situation. Oh, and let’s not forget Bobby, who seems to be on the receiving end of Priscilla’s ire, all thanks to Sam.

Mark your calendars; the drama unfolds until December 12.

Sistas – Midseason 6, premieres Wednesday, October 18, 9 pm ET

Sistas is making its grand comeback – with fresh relationships, intriguing challenges, and unexpected twists. 

Dive into the vibrant world of Sistas, where a group of dynamic black women tackle the ever-evolving challenges of contemporary living. Meet Andi Barnes, a driven divorce lawyer with big dreams; Danni King, the ever-quirky airport professional who never backs down from a laugh; Karen Mott, the savvy owner of a bustling hair salon; Sabrina Hollins, the chic and shrewd bank teller, and Fatima Wilson, Andi’s personal assistant. Together, their journey explores the essence of friendship, love, career aspirations, and the whirlwind that is social media. With every episode, Sistas offers a heartfelt and exhilarating journey, truly defining what it means to have “squad goals.”

The midseason premiere, aptly titled “Daydreams,” has us on the edge of our seats. Gary is none too pleased with Hayden and gives him a forewarning regarding Tamara’s enigmatic intentions. And as for Sabrina? Well, she discovers that Bayo’s generous assistance has its own set of complications.

The show runs through its finale, which is scheduled to air December 27. 

Are you ready for all the drama? Which show are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. 


34 responses
  1. Phillis Flemmings

    Watch the Oval last night really good new season premiere. And definitely waiting on Sistas to air tonight it’s been a long wait but always worth it.

    1. Erik Anderson

      What did you think?

  2. cynthia belle

    You failed to mention Crystal Renee Haslett who plays Fatima Wilson Andi’s legal assistant..Crystal was such a hit on Sistas that she now has her own TV show called “Zatima” along with Devale Ellis who plays “Zac” on “Sistas”.Their on screen chemistry is amazing

    1. Erik Anderson

      Good call. Those are great characters, too!

  3. Jacqueline M. Hudson

    Both shows are awesome, I enjoy Both of them,,has turn and excitement

    1. Erik Anderson

      Did you tune in?!

  4. Frank

    “Sistas of course “

    1. Erik Anderson

      Love that. Have you seen every episode?

  5. Gwendolyn peerman

    I’m sick of Karen. Please, please stop her nonsense. Let her move on from Zack.

    1. Erik Anderson

      Oooo. Do you have any predictions for this season?

  6. Mary Alexander

    It sucks that you pay for BET+ yet the new season is not on it?? I’m canceling my subscription because they’re playing games! Why do I need to subscribe to something else when I already pay for the plus channel which by definition should include both the regular channel and additional programming, apparently +(PLUS) means something else to them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH🤬

    1. Erik Anderson

      Hey Mary! Hope you found your ideal viewing solution. We’re happy to have you around here.

  7. Paulette R Allen

    Waiting for the best show it’ is Sistas. Tyler Perry did his thang on this.

    1. Erik Anderson

      The man just keeps cookin’.

  8. Sheila N Summers

    Y’all could have told viewers that it wasn’t going to be on bet plus

  9. Kecia Pierre

    Siestas, The Oval, Tyler Perry

    1. Erik Anderson


  10. Kathleen miller

    I love them both the oval and Sistas but when is Ruthless returning I would love to see ruthless also all three of them are so good it’s a must see thing you know it’s like I can’t wait until it’s time to come on im a big FAN of all three series.

    1. Erik Anderson

      That’s a solid trifecta, Kathleen. Anything else you diggin’ right now?

  11. Katitia Dawson

    I can’t wait to see the next Episode of Sistas next Wednesday! I love it! Karen reminds me of a long lost friend, I mean exactly same attitude and personality and even looks like her.

    1. Erik Anderson

      Ha! Maybe we need a TV show focusing on you and your friends, Katitia.

  12. Latasha Henry

    Funny how Fatima isn’t mentioned, BUT is in the picture above and the opening preview of the show.

    1. Erik Anderson

      The Fatima fans are OUT! No disrespect intended! Maybe in another post down the line, we can give her some proper love.

  13. Goldie

    Why are these shows moved to another network?

    1. Erik Anderson

      Which network are you referring to, Goldie?

  14. Pearl V Mattox

    I’m looking forward to both of them I continue to look out for them and I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for them love it love it love it

    1. Erik Anderson

      Love that! Any other shows that get you this hyped?

  15. Joyce O Lacey-Carroll

    BOTH.. The Oval because of the action and suspended.
    Sisters because of the witty drama.

    1. Erik Anderson

      Can’t go wrong there!

  16. Adeline Rivas

    Is this the new sistas

    1. Erik Anderson



    Tyler Perry is the absolute genius writer,actor, producer with God blessed talent undeniable,placed in position to be the bridge to help others across to reach higher heights.GOD BLESS YOU SON FOR REACHING BACK TO PULL UP OTHERS , THAT HELPED YOU FOREFILL YOUR DREAM FOR STARDOM….FOREFILL IS SPELLED WRONG BUT EVERY BODY KNOWS WHAT I MEANT.

    1. Erik Anderson

      Very nice words, Flash. What’s your favorite Tyler Perry creation?

  18. Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 6B: Storylines to Watch Ahead of the Finale – Philo blog


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