Skyfall, Naked and Afraid, Love After Lockup, Festive Premieres & More: What’s Coming to Philo in November 2023

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Before turkeys are ready to be carved, and the winter holiday season is in full swing, take a look at all the variety of quality programming coming to Philo in November! Reality TV finales, holiday movie premieres and more are set to pull up a seat at your Thanksgiving dinner, so get ready to be stuffed with content! 

Skyfall on AMC, November 5, 6 pm EST; and MGM+ Marquee, available VOD for Movies & More Subscribers

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, who finds MI6 under attack and his loyalty to M tested. As a shadow from M’s past, Raoul Silva, threatens to destroy the agency, Bond must confront his own demons and save the intelligence service. A Sam Mendes-directed masterpiece, Skyfall combines breathtaking action with gripping emotional depth, reimagining the Bond legacy.

Naked and Afraid Season 16 Finale on Discovery, November 12, 8 pm ET 

In every episode, individuals unfamiliar with each other embark on a journey to a secluded wild spot, equipped with just a single survival instrument for a span of 2-3 weeks. In the climactic episode, three ladies face the challenge of enduring 21 days in Zambia. However, the surprise arrival of a fourth participant disrupts the all-women synergy.

Love After Lockup Season 5 Finale on WeTV, November 17, 9 pm ET

Redd unexpectedly disappears alongside his close friend, while Brittney devises a plan to break free from Andy’s clutches. Kerok unveils a shocking revelation, and Sharae challenges Anthony’s loyalty. As Chelsea returns to Ohio, Mikey faces a tug-of-war between commitments. Tensions rise between Melissa and Louie, and Donna seizes a potential opportunity.

Christmas Plus One on Lifetime, November 18, 8 p.m. ET 

Lifetime begins airing one new Christmas movie a week, starting with Christmas Plus One. 

Sisters Cara (portrayed by Emily Alatalo) and Amy (played by Vanessa Smythe) whimsically promise each other to discover their true loves before the upcoming Christmas. As the festive season nears a year later, with Amy’s snowy nuptials on the horizon, Cara unexpectedly meets her dream match, Chase (Andrew Bushell), who consents to be her guest at the wedding. Yet, after misplacing his contact details, Cara’s optimism wavers. Can she reconnect with him in time for a Christmas miracle? Or might fate have a different partner in mind, as journalist Michael (represented by Corey Sevier) steps in to aid her mission?

Thanksgiving Foods Marathon on Gusto TV, November 20, 3 pm ET

Let us get you inspired for Thanksgiving dinner with three food-centric shows on Philo!

Spencer’s Holiday BBQ, November 20, 3 pm ET

Join Chef Spencer Watts at his glorious rooftop patio for a one-hour special featuring a full holiday spread, all made on the BBQ. Spencer grills and smokes his way through traditional holiday dishes, even the cranberry sauce and pie!

Flour Power: Pies Galore, November 20, 4 pm ET

In this Thanksgiving special, host Jessica McGovern takes us through three exciting treats to bring to your table, sharing some of her favorite tips and tricks along the way. Jessica offers alternatives to a standard Thanksgiving dessert, serving up Pie Fries with Apple Caramel Dip, Sweet Potato Pie, Vanilla Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie Cake.

Holiday Eatz: Thanksgiving, November 20, 8:30 pm ET

Chef Kimberly Lallouz brings her fun, tasty, and original style to Turkey Day classics with her one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving menu!

Christmas at the Chalet on Lifetime, November 25, 8 pm ET

Former television presenter and society figure, Lex, is confronted with the prospect of celebrating Christmas in an upscale chalet alongside her son, her former spouse, and his current partner. To maintain some distance and avoid awkwardness, she opts to serve in the chalet, all while chronicling her experiences for a fresh audience captivated by this unexpected turn in her journey.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale on AMC, November 26, 9 pm ET

How will Season 8 conclude? It began with Shrike’s influence becoming a thing of the past. Madison was determined to evolve PADRE into the sanctuary that the former Stadium aspired to be. However, as the island emerges as both a symbol of hope and a magnet for danger, news of Madison and this resource-rich territory travels, drawing undesired scrutiny. This puts PADRE at risk once again, compelling one to wonder if our protagonists are truly worthy of its salvation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 6 Finale on MTV, November 30, 8 p.m. ET

How will the reunion of the Jersey Shore family conclude? The latter part of the season featured journeys to the Poconos and Orlando, Florida. This season spotlighted Sammi’s comeback and her adjustment to the group’s evolving dynamics, Angelina uncovering revelations about her distant father, and Ronnie’s comeback, as he seeks reconciliation with fellow cast members following his detainment for domestic misconduct.

Let us know in the comments below what’s on your viewing schedule this November!


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