Scorpio Season: Your TV and Movie Guide to Intense Shows and Mysterious Films on Philo for October 23 – November 22

A collage of images shows recommended titles for Scorpios!

Welcome to Scorpio Season, spanning from October 23 to November 22! Explore shows that speak to the captivating traits of Scorpios—known for their intense, passionate, resolute, and mysterious nature. If you’re a Scorpio, you’re in good company with notable personalities in the entertainment world including Leonardo Dicaprio, Julia Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg and more!

Suggested TV Shows on Philo for Scorpios:

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC): Thrilling and emotionally resonant, this show caters to Scorpios’ love for heightened emotional experiences. Characters like Victor Strand add intrigue with charismatic and mysterious personas, aligning seamlessly with Scorpios’ affinity for intricate and transformative stories.

Killing Eve (Available on AMC Stories): Scorpios will most likely enjoy the captivating world of Killing Eve, now available on AMC Stories. The gripping back-and-forth between main characters, Eve Polastri and Villanelle, appeals to Scorpios who appreciate interesting power struggles and deep stories.

Hot Ones (AXS TV): Scorpios would probably “get a kick out of” Hot Ones due to the show’s perfect blend of intensity, authenticity, and psychological depth. This unique format, where celebrities navigate spicier hot wings, aligns with Scorpios’ love for challenges and genuine reactions.

Recommended Movies on Philo for Scorpios:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (STARZ add-on): Scorpios might be drawn to this dynamic espionage storyline, offering a mix of action, suspense, and unexpected twists. The film’s exploration of complex relationships and hidden agendas aligns with Scorpios’ penchant for intricate storytelling.

The Departed (AMC): Scorpios may feel a particular connection to The Departed as Leonardo DiCaprio, a fellow Scorpio, portrays the main character, Billy Costigan. The film’s complexity contributes to a compelling and relatable on-screen experience for Scorpios.

Shutter Island (MGM+ add-on): Scorpios may be drawn to Shutter Island for its engaging narrative following U.S. Marshals investigating the mysterious disappearance of a prisoner. The film’s plot, rich in twists and turns, provides a gripping and immersive cinematic experience.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (Sundance TV): In this romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts, also a Scorpio, her character showcases Scorpio-like traits. The film’s exploration of tangled relationships and unrequited love offers Scorpios a storyline that mirrors the intricate dance of their emotions.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (MGM+ add-on): Scorpios might find a connection with this exploration of identity, ambition, and the darker aspects of human nature. The film’s depth and unexpected plot twists should provide Scorpios with an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

Explore these shows and movies for an exciting Scorpio Season filled with thrilling narratives, complex characters, and unexpected twists!

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