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  • The Holiday Season Movies to Enjoy Over the Next Week!

    The Countdown to Christmas is here! With just two weeks left until the big weekend, and the weather outside turning a bit more frightful, there’s no better time to settle into the sofa and sip some hot chocolate, while wearing your favorite fleece pajamas, and tuning into the latest and greatest holiday entertainment on Philo. With programming from Hallmark, Lifetime, AMC, GAC Family, UPtv, OWN and VH1, we are your Home for the Holiday movies.

  • December Has Arrived, Here Are Some Holiday Movies to Enjoy Over the Next Few Days!

    December has arrived! Perhaps your Hanukkah candles are lit, or your tree is up and decorated, or you’ve even finished Christmas shopping (or haven’t started yet, like most of us). Wherever you’re at on your to-do list, take a break and enjoy some holiday entertainment on Philo. While the weather may be unseasonably warm for the majority of the country, you can still cozy up inside and get into the holiday spirit with programming from UPtv, Hallmark, Lifetime, AMC, GAC Family, and VH1.

  • GAC Living Added to TV Channels Streaming on Philo

    GAC Living has been added to the list of TV channels available for streaming on Philo! See how you can start watching these fan favorites live and on-demand.

  • Picture in Picture and AirPlay Are Now Supported by the Philo iOS App

    We have some exciting news for everyone out there who watches Philo on an iPhone or iPad, the Philo iOS app (version 2.5) now supports Picture in Picture (PiP) mode! This means you can keep watching Philo while doing other things on your device at the same time, like checking your email, reading a news story in your browser, or using other apps.

  •  Holiday Movies to Watch on Philo This Thanksgiving Weekend!

    The holidays are here! Thanksgiving has arrived and many of you might be gathering with your families for the first time in two years. But whether you’re home alone this year or sharing your childhood bedroom with your siblings and cousins again, Philo has you covered! We’ve got all the entertainment you need to get into the holiday spirit, from Hallmark Channel’s original movies to new favorites from GAC Family. And for those of you who aren’t ready for Christmas just yet, or are looking to avoid in-person family drama, by watching a more dysfunctional family than your own, you can catch up on all four seasons of the Duttons on Philo during the 4-day Yellowstone marathon.

  • More Original Holiday Movies from Hallmark, GAC Family, Lifetime and UPtv To Watch This Weekend!

    Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we know that you, our subscribers, are likely already feeling the holiday cheer, so we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of this season’s great entertainment! Philo, as your home for the holidays, has the most-comprehensive seasonal content in live-TV streaming! So set your DVR, by saving your favorites, and catching up with this family-friendly slate of new cheerful movies this weekend: